IMG Stageline MC-31 Microphone Combiner

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MC-31 Microphone Combiner.

3 x Microphone inputs XLR sockets. (balanced)
1 x Microphone XLR output socket (balanced).
Also suitable for microphones with phantom power.
Uses conventional balancing transformer.
Provides Electrical Isolation between Input and Output.
Robust metal housing with very good shielding qualities, suitable for stage applications.

The MC-31 has been designed to mix together up to three microphone signals to one signal. For example the number of inputs of a mixer can be extended. However as the level and the sound of the microphone signals cannot be matched individually it is recommended to use microphones of the same type. The signals are combined via a resis-tor network which also routes the phantom power of a mixer required for condenser microphones to the three microphone inputs.


3 x XLR

Frequency response: 20Hz - 20kHz

1 x XLR

Input Impedance:

200 ohms

Dimensions: 125 x 55 x 75mm