IMG Stageline LSP-102 Signal Splitter

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LSP-102 2-Channel Line Level Signal Splitter.

1 x Line Level input XLR socket. (per channel)
3 x Line Level XLR output sockets (per channel)
Ground lift switch.
Uses conventional balancing transformer.
Provides Electrical Isolation between Input and Output.
Robust metal housing with very good shielding qualities, suitable for stage applications.

The LSP-102 has been designed to split one line signal to several outputs. It has two independent signal ways (A and B) so that for example the main Left and Right output of a mixer may be connected to the inputs of two pr three amplifiers. For decoupling the two outputs, the signals are led via special audio transformers and are thus galvanically isolated. In addition, a feed-through output is provided which is directly connected to the input.The signal ground of the decoupled outputs can in each case be separated by switch from the ground of the input. Thus, a ground loop which may cause an interfering hum noise can be interrupted. It can occur when the connected units have contact in the rack both via the signal ground and via the earthed conductor of the power supply or a conductive connection of the housings.


2 x XLR balanced

Frequency response: 20Hz - 20kHz

6 x XLR balanced

Output Impedance:

600 ohms

Dimensions: 160 x 105 x 55mm