IMG Stageline LS-280 Signal Splitter

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LS-280 2-Channel Signal Splitter with 8 Outputs.

2 x Line Level Input Channels.
8 x Line Level Outputs. (per channel).
Stereo or Mono operation.
XLR connectors for each input and output
Gain control for each output.
Can be configured to feed all 12 outputs from 1 Channel.

Signal splitter with 2 line inputs which are buffered and divided across 6 outputs each. Can be used as a 6-way stereo splitter or can be switched as a mono system feeding all 12 outputs from input A. Applications include zone mixing, personal monitoring, effects patching and routing in complex recording setups.

The microphone line mixer/ line splitter is designed for various audio applications . In the splitter mode, a stereo input signal can be distributed to six mono outputs; the signal part of the stereo signal can be separately set for each channel by means of pan controls . In the mixer mode, a stereo signal and a max-imum of six mono signals with microphone level or line level can be mixed to a stereo output . The six mono channels as well as the stereo channel can also be used as separate amplifiers for level or impedance matching

Power Supply: 230Vac, 50/60Hz

2 x XLR Line Level (bal/unbal)

Input Impedance:

15k Ohms (line)


8 x XLR (balanced)

Output Impedance:

100 ohms

Frequency response:

20Hz - 20kHz

Signal to noise ratio: (SNR)


Total Harmonic Distortion: (THD) 0.03%
Dimensions: 482 x 205 x 48mm
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