Level Controls


Adastra VR Volume Controls

VR 100 Volume Controls.
Available in four power ratings. (12W, 24W, 36W, 50W)
Attenuation in 10 steps: 8 x 3dB and 2 x 6dB steps.
24V relay fitted for remote attenuator bypass.
Supplied with Backing Box.


Clever Acoustics VC 100V Volume Controls

VC 100V Line Volume Controls.

20, 40 or 60 Watt versions available.
11 volume positions (10 + off).
Can be used to switch the speaker off.

Adastra AT6 Volume Control

AT6 Volume Controls and Source Selector Switch.

Six independent 30 Watt volume controls each with A/B source selector switch.

For use with 100 volt line speakers.