MP3 Media Players

Media Players

For your ultimate convenience Media Players stream MP3 files directly from SD cards or USB memory sticks.

Matching Transformers - DI Boxes - Signal Combiners

Improve your existing sound system. Reduce background interference and equipment incomparability problems.

We have a large range of Microphone pre-amplifiers and matching transformers. Ground loop isolators, signal splitters and combiners.

Single and Multi Zone Slave Amplifiers

Slave Amplifiers

Slave amplifiers are designed to provide extra power to an existing sound system. They enable extra speakers to be installed and expand your system.

Re Entrant Aluminium and ABS Horn Speakers

Horn Speakers

Horn loudspeakers produce very high sound pressure levels and are ideal for large sound reinforcement and public address applications.

Active Loudspeaker Cabinets

Active Speakers

Speakers which have built-in amplifiers. Connect directly to your mixer, microphone or video projector.