Car Cam, portable DVR with LCD ZV002

Supplied with 8Gb Mico SD Card
    Delivery time:1-5 Days
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Capture traffic incidents as they happen with our fantastic In-Car Digital Dash Camera. Resolution 720p (1280x720) It can be used to help avoid disputed accidents, film dangerous drivers, lane hoggers or tailgaters - all of which can be captured on this digital recorder thanks to its 45º field of view. For ease of viewing, this product features a reversable screen with 90º Tilt and 270º Rotation. Importantly, it gives you peace of mind from knowing you have the perfect impartial witness as and when you need it, with all the video evidence stored on an SD Memory card (up to 32GB, not supplied - just download it to your computer). It even works at night too, automatically switching to night vision. Powered by a built-in rechargeable battery or from the car charger (with a generous 3.2m/10ft 6in cable), it is also supplied with a USB cable and a multi-position mounting arm. When not in use just tuck it in the glove compartment.

  • 8 GB SD card Supplied
  • Forward facing Vehicle Camera 12V
  • Can be used in Night Vision Mode
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • SD card formatted and ready to use
  • Powered by 12V or USB

To put the camera into English, please follow these steps...
Press Menu.
Press menu again if required, so that the second tab at the top is blue.
Press down to the second option.
Press the Rec (O) button at the top of the camera.
Press down until English is selected.
Press the Rec (O) button at the top of the camera to save English



Dimensions: 110 x 35 x 65mm
Power Supply: 12Vdc or USB